Monday, January 19, 2009

And Baby E Makes Three...Our Blog Debut

It's official...I have finally joined the wonderful world of blogging! So many of our friends have been doing this for so long, that I decided I better get on the bandwagon now, before a new form of social networking comes along and this one is old news!

So, where do I start? Introductions first I would assume. I am Emily and I am married to Levi. We are from a very small town in North Alabama called Haleyville. After beginning our relationship in high school, we both moved to Auburn, finished college, and got married. In February, we will have been married for 2 1/2 years! We lead very blessed lives here in Auburn with great friends, family (my brother, sister, and mom also live here) and jobs. We know so many people who after college, just couldn't bring themselves to leave this wonderful place :)

Over the holidays, we learned that we are expecting our first child! I have already had my first drs. appointment and will be 8 weeks on Wednesday. While we were planning to get pregnant sometime in the new year, God surprised us a little early. We are thrilled and confident though that His timing is absolutely perfect. Levi and I are completely in love with this little one growing inside of me, but are also a little nervous about how it will change our lives. Everyone keeps assuring me it will only be for the better...but to enjoy the "just us" time we have before the baby comes. Oh, if you are wondering, Baby E is scheduled to make his or her appearance on September 2nd. At that point, we will be married 3 years, Levi will be 25, and I will be a couple of weeks shy of 25 myself.

Well that is all for now. I can't promise how great I will be at updating, but I will try my best!