Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Pumpkin (23 weeks)!

Is growing and I am loving every minute of it! I have started feeling (and seeing) him move a lot. At my 23 week appointment they finally decided on a heart rate of 150. I say finally because they would only put the doppler on my belly for a short time before he would either kick it away or move, which made for a range of heart rates from the 130s to 160. I could not help but laugh at how active and stubborn he was being!

This pregnancy has been a lot like Avery's. Weight gain has been slow, but he definitely popped out faster. I felt nauseous longer with Avery but have been a lot more exhausted this time around. It could have something to do with chasing a 2 year old! I cannot believe that his anticipated arrival is only 4 months away. At my next visit (27 weeks), I have the glucose test and then start going every 2 weeks. I have a feeling the holidays are going to make it pass by really quickly. We have so much to do before February. Lots to be thankful for this holiday season!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Boy!

On September 7, 2011, Levi and I learned that we would be welcoming a baby boy to our family! Our ultrasound was at 9:00 that morning and we were both giddy with excitement over getting to see our baby for the first time. Well...actually I got to see the baby for a few minutes at 14 weeks to confirm that we were not having twins...but it wasn't nearly long enough! Obviously the main purpose of this ultrasound was to determine the health of the baby and glory to God, our baby was completely healthy. It is totally humbling to hear that each little intricate body part is just as it should be.

Unlike with Avery, she told us the gender at the beginning of the ultrasound. As we nodded our head in response to " you want to know the gender?" She responded with a resounding "It's a Boy." Levi and I smiled at each other and as we later realized,  both allowed our minds to race with thoughts of having a son. She even had to repeat a few of the things she was showing us on the ultrasound because we had both lost our focus from the news!

Since the ultrasound I have spent a lot of time letting our new development set in. I am overwhelmed at the blessing of raising a boy and girl (and hopefully at least 1 more of one or the other). Before finding out with Avery, I was convinced that we would have all boys...and of course after having Avery I became convinced it would be all girls (and because I only wanted to be a mom, I would have been happy with either scenario). But, oh what God actually had in store for us; the incredible opportunity and responsibility of raising both!

I am now 21.5 weeks and finally beginning to feel this little man move around. My placenta is at the front of by stomach, which has prevented me from feeling him move as early as most people do with their second. Time is flying by and unlike with Avery when I was wishing the pregnancy away, I am really trying to savor this special time in our lives as a family of three. I know that this pregnancy will be over before we know it!

Lord, I am overwhelmed at your goodness and faithfulness to our family! We ask that you will give us your wisdom and grace as we add your gift of a son to our family. Thank you for his and my health! Thank you for his amazing daddy and precious sister. We need You constantly on this journey and strive to have less of ourselves and more of You each day! Amen.