Monday, February 6, 2012

As The End Draws Near...

 (37 weeks)

Wow, I will be 39 weeks Thursday! The weeks and months of this pregnancy have gone by so much more quickly than they did with Avery. Now, as I enter the final weeks, I am torn between experiencing our life as a family of three to the fullest, while yet deeply yearning to finally embrace this new little miracle inside of me. Very soon, life is going to be different for sure. I cannot wait to see how much joy and happiness he is going to add to our family.

A few nights ago, Levi and I were discussing just how well he feels like he knows Avery. Just like singing the words to our favorite song, we have a deep understanding for what she likes and dislikes, how to calm and comfort her, and what frustrates her. All of which to a parent is extremely comforting. We are, however, about to meet another person for the very first time and while this is insanely exciting and suspenseful, it is also a little bit scary. I remember holding Avery for the first time and loving her like crazy, solely because she was mine/ours. But, at the very same time, I was incredibly aware of how little I actually knew about her. Levi and I both agree that having a baby is a lot like dating and then marrying your spouse. As you learn more about the other person, your love grows deeper and stronger and you see just how God divinely made you for the other. God made us specifically to be Asher's parents and we cannot wait to begin learning all there is to know about him.

The over all theme of this pregnancy has been exhaustion. A week before I actually took a pregnancy test, I could barely stay awake for rides in the car. It was definitely the first sign that I pregnant. At first, I thought it had to do with it being a boy, but after talking with several friends who are pregnant with girls as their second, I think it has more to do with having another little one to chase around while also working full time. While pregnant with Avery, I napped and exercised a lot. The weather and seasons have been the exact opposite though. The extreme heat of this past summer was during the very worst parts of the nausea and exhaustion. Then, when I finally had the energy to walk, the time changed. It being dark outside once home from work, provides no motivation for activity beyond eating, a little play time with Avery, and falling in the bed. Levi has been wonderful about allowing me to nap. During weeks 8-12, he would walk through the door and I would immediately fall asleep. I am talking about deep, drool all over my face, awesome sleep. I couldn't keep my body from it if I had tried. You see, sleep is an extremely deep need for me. I do not function without it. Thankfully, I have been able to sleep soundly through every night with both pregnancies. I am made for sleep! It is because of that, that I praise God for Levi, and the chiropractor during pregnancy and Babywise for afterwards.

This pregnancy, as with my last, has been pretty textbook. Since about 28 weeks, I have measured about a week behind. My progression has been a little quicker than with Avery. At my 36 week appointment (the first check) I was 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced and then at 37 weeks, 2 cm and 80%. At 38 weeks there really wasn't much change. I will be interested to see on Wednesday if I am moving along. He kicks and moves around a lot. Levi and I have had lots of laughs at night when we are trying to go to sleep. He goes into hypermode about 10:30, but as I mentioned above, it really doesn't affect my ability to sleep. I am to the point that I can tell it is a foot or knee jetting out of my stomach. Honestly, this is the part I missed most after having Avery. I am fully aware of how special it is to feel a baby move inside of you and it something I never take for granted.

In general, I am a pretty intense and emotional person. However, my emotions have definitely been heightned by this pregnancy. When they need to come, tears flow freely. When I am happy or frustrated, it is to the extreme. I think everyone in my life will be glad when my emotions return back to those of normal Emily. Thanks to post-partum hormones, I am sure it will be several months before all hormones are settled though!

(35 Weeks, we didn't take pictures in front of the tree until 1/8!)

Since Christmas, I have had lots of lower back and ligament issues. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I can barely walk or sit (depending on where the pain is concentrated). Because I hate to be out of commission, this has been particularly hard for me. On certain nights after work, I have had to come home and do nothing. This would be ok if there was not so much that I could be doing. It really makes me crazy. God has definitely used this to teach me a lot about patience and accepting/asking for help. Unfortunately, at times, I  have let this affect my overall attitude and had to really concentrate on being postitive and thankful in all circumstances. I guess, just suffice it to say that I have learned a lot about myself throughout this pregnancy (some good, some bad).

We are in an exciting and blessed season of life! I am looking forward to experiencing another birth with Levi by my side and am working to trust God with all of the details. I cannot wait to see Avery love on her little brother for the first time and then dream about how close they will become in the future. He is being born into a pretty fun and crazy family and we know he is going to fit right in!