Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trick or Treating!

We had so much fun watching Avery Trick or Treat for the very first time! We decdied several months ago on a Kitty Cat costume, which turned out really cute. After talking to several people about where we schould go, we settled on South Gay Street (past Amsterdams). It was a great spot for novice treaters. Not crowded, very little traffic, and porch lights on at lots of houses. She and Thad walked up to each house together like such big kids and only became scared at one house, that had skeleton decorations. It was so funny, Thad (17 months) saw the skeleton and immediatly made a 180 to his dad...Avery saw it and walked over to it for a look, but she wouldn't give it a hi-five!
After we got home, Avery was very anxious to dump her bucket of candy and explore her loot. You will not see a more happy child than one surrounded by all kinds of sugary goodness. She has come home every afternoon this week asking to look at all of it and select a piece to devour. We will not talk about how much of it mom and dad have slipped into our lunch boxes!

I have to add that it was a little surreal watching Avery trick or treating. It truely feels like yesterday, that my mom was running around trying to get me, Alex, and Beth Anne ready. On Monday I realized that wow, I am living life, and am watching my husband walking with my precious girl to each house for candy. I know this is cheesy, but it really was a moment in which I felt completely overwhelmed with gratitude. The here and now...I am trying really hard to live in it and not think or worry about tomorrow. I knowwithout a doubt it will come soon enough :)