Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Sweetest Sound

Levi and I were scheduled to hear Baby E's heart beat tomorrow morning, but after a day of pure misery yesterday, I called to see if they could bump my appointment up and they graciously obliged. So...we got to hear the heart beat this morning!

The heartbeat, like everyone told me, was very fast and very different from mine. It is so different, that you almost don't realize you are hearing it without the Dr. saying "Oh...there it is." Dr. Smith said we apparently have a very active "little rascal" on our hands, because he/she kept swimming away every time he could find the heart beat. You wonder how you will react the first time you hear it. I actually thought I would cry, but when the moment came I just smiled really, really big. I couldn't see Levi, but I know he was smiling too. The biggest news of the day is that I scheduled my gender ultrasound for March 23. So in about 7 weeks we will hopefully know if it is a boy or girl!

As far as being sick goes, Dr. Smith said that I could go ahead and start taking some over the counter medicines and if they don't help, to call him and we would go another route (whatever that means). He really is awesome and if you need an AU OBGYN, I highly recommend him. Thank you to everyone who has remembered me in their prayers. They are greatly appreciated!

Until next time...