Monday, May 18, 2009

25 Weeks and Crib Bedding

Wednesday, I will be 25 weeks, which means there are only 3.5 more months to go! Over the past week and half, I have really started to feel and see her move. Mother's Day, was the first time Levi and I saw my stomach move with one of her kicks/elbow jabs...were not sure what body part she is using :) It was so cool though, definitely a great gift for the occasion.

Speaking of gifts, Levi did an amazing job with his Mother's Day selection. He always makes breakfast for us on Sunday mornings. Usually muffins, cinnamon rolls, or bacon biscuits - any of which really helps out with me getting ready and to church on time. Normally, I eat on the run between drying my hair and putting on my make up; however, on Mother's Day, he insisted that I come to the table to eat. When I sat down he had my gift waiting. As Baby E's first book, he gave her my favorite children's book, "Love You Forever." Inside the cover, he had written about how he can't wait to hold her and read to her, what an incredible mommy I am going to be, and how that he will also "love me forever." Needless to say there were tears. I knew this book was going to be bought for her at some point, but I hadn't got around to doing it. I think Levi picked the perfect time to present it! I Love You Levi!

This past weekend we started painting her room. We are almost finished and I will post pictures soon. Several have asked what her bedding looks like, so I attempted to take some pictures. I don't think they do it justice, but when her nursery is finished hopefully I can get some better shots. My favorite part is the bed skirt. I love the stiching on it. It is the second picture. I call it cottage chic!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! The picture above is of me, her, and my sister Beth Anne at my wedding tea. I have to take this time to brag about what an awesome mother she really is. She comes by it naturally though, as her mother, my Grandmother is awesome also (more about her tomorrow)! It has been such a blessing having her in Auburn the last year or so. She is always there to help me clean my house, try a new recipie, or buy some groceries for us if we can't get to the store. Levi and I couldn't have done without her the first few weeks of my pregnancy either.

She is so excited about becoming a grandmother and I know she will be a star in that role too! Mom, hope your day is great! Thank you for always being there!