Friday, June 12, 2009

28 Week Update

Wednesday morning was my 28 week appoitment and glucose test. Goodness that stuff they give you is sweet, but overall it was bearable. The great news is I passed and do not have gestational diabetes!

Other happenings at the appointment included an interview about my pregnancy with an Auburn nursing student for her class. The office nurse asked if I would mind helping the student out and it actually was fun recapping everything for her. I of course heard the hearbeat again, it was 153. I took a tape recorder so I could play it for Levi and other family members. I just love hearing it...the sound never gets old! I will now be going to the doctor every two weeks...unbelievable how fast the time has passed.

This weekend we are picking up the crib furniture and hopefully going to finish painting her room and get her closet in order. I am working on having our carpets cleaned before she gets here as well. While we were at the beach I found some decoration for her room, so we are getting there, but just don't have everything together quite yet! We are so very excited to meet this little girl who flips and turns inside her mommy all the time!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

28 Weeks at the Beach!

So, I am now 28 weeks and officially in the third trimester! Only 12 weeks to go! I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. It just reminds me of how fast time is going to fly once she is actually here! I have my glucose test tomorrow 6/10 and will post an update about how it goes.

This past Thursday, Levi, my Mom, and I headed to Destin for an extended weekend stay. My Uncle Don and his wife Linda own a townhouse in Destin and graciously allow us to stay there at least once each summer. While it is normally just Levi and I, this year, Linda and some of my cousins were already there, so mom decided to join us too!

Even though we were not by ourselves, I guess you could say this was our babymoon. It was great and relaxing still and Levi and I did get to enjoy a walk on the beach and a romantic dinner out. Enjoy my belly bump pictures...I feel like I am growing by the minute ;)

Our favorite place to eat in Destin is the Crab Trap. We first ate there on our honeymoon, almost three years ago. The first picture below is from then and the second is from this weekend. What an amazing three years it has been! Then, Levi ordered chicken fingers and tried some crab...this weekend he ordered shrimp and crab cakes! I would say that is progress. Back then I had shrimp, but have since become more adventurous. This weekend I had Mahi Mahi topped with jumbo lump crab meat, shrimp, and lemon butter sauce! Needless to say, since our honeymoon we have grown in more ways than just food selection, but it is just a small example of how much we have changed.

We are really enjoying the time we have left before little bit arrives. I am not going to lie and say that Levi and I never have disputes or aruguments, but in all honesty, I do feel like we have an extraoridinary marriage. God has truly blessed me with an incedible husband, who will be an awesome dad too! In just three short months, our lives will change drastically, but for the better I know.

I can't wait until next year's beach trip with our 9 month old or so little girl. We definitely have some amazing memories to make!