Monday, April 27, 2009

Crib Furniture!

Wow, it was a beautiful weekend! I can't believe how hot it is already. I am not aclimated to the weather yet. I can only imagine how August will be during my 9th month of pregnancy! Alabama Power may have never seen a bill so high :)

A couple of weekends ago, Levi and I decided on nursery furniture. After looking on-line at basically every retailer, I could never decide on anything I wanted. After reading review after review on cribs/dressers and how drawers didn't work, how the wood scratched so easily, and how they hassled with returns/on-line shipping, we decided to go to a crib showroom to look around. We ended up going to Baby and Beyond in Columbus. We decided Columbus over Montgomery or Auburn due to the sales tax being 3% lower. The manager of the store was awesome and she took such great care of us. We didn't go in with a decision made, but when we left, we knew we would buy from them. It was a great experience!

We decided on a brand called Cocoon. It is made out of birch wood, which is awesome! A lot of others are made of pine, which is really soft and scratches easily. We bought the crib and 3 drawer dresser w/changing pad in the expresso color, which is the second picture below, but the first picture is more what her setup will look like. We plan to get the 5 drawer dresser a little later. The third picture shows what it looks like as a full bed. I Love it!

This past weekend, we bought the bedding and picked out paint colors. It will not be long before her nursery starts coming together!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh...We're Half Way There! 20 Weeks & Counting!

So, with the Auburn A-Day game and my 20th week of pregnancy in progress, the Bon Jovi song by the title of this post, has been on my mind. As you all know the next line is "Oh, living on a prayer. Take my hand, we'll make it I swear." That pretty much sums up how we have been taking each day! The first half has been amazing, we have heard the heartbeat several times and know that a sweet little girl will be part of our lives soon. We are so excited to meet her! I am happy to report, that I feel a lot more like myself and have had a lot more energy. Neither of us have been sick and it looks like there will be sunshine for more than just one day this week!

We had a great weekend, Saturday, I met several friends for lunch at Niffer's, while Levi went to the game with my brother. Brooke, Shealy, Blakely, and I all had a great time chatting and catching up. For the most part we, and a couple of other girls who couldn't make it, met each other 2 1/2 years ago at church when we were all newlyweds/nearlyweds. Now, they all three have babies and I have one on the way. Wow! What a difference a couple of yeas can make! I am thankful for their friendship!

Saturday afternoon, Levi and I went shopping for crib furniture and think we found what we want. Now we just have to decide on bedding, which will hopefully lead to room colors. Everyone keeps saying that the next 20 weeks will fly by. We have so much left to do, but I am now worried so much about it anymore. I have a great husband and great family that will be there to help me get everything accomplished.

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

18 Weeks and Overwhelmed...

Today I am officially entering the fifth month of pregancy! It is exciting that we are getting closer to meeting our little one, but it is also very scary. In the past couple of days, I have started to feel her move, not often, but I have felt it! Levi even got to push on my lower abdomen and wait patiently to feel her move. I didn't tell him when she did, I waited on him to look up and say "was that it?", to confirm.

So to the overwhelmed part. I am on my 7th day of being sick. It started last Tuesday night as a sore throat, turned into a severe head cold that caused me to take two sick days, and now, I believe, has turned into a sinus infection. Thank God for Levi and my Mom, without whom, I think I might have not made it. Because I have severe sinus issues anyways, (I wish I had the money that has been spent trying to solve them) I normally undergo pretty agressive treatment to head off the infection or to take care of the infection. Now that I am pregnant, according to the Dr. this is not an option. So, he said I could take Claritin D, rest, and drink fluids. It has been miserable. So, like I said, I am pretty sure it is now an infection...which means I will have to take antibiotics. Fortunately, he says there are some that will work with being pregnant, but I still cannot have a shot. Joy! Oh, and Levi woke up this morning with a sore throat. So he probably has it now too.

In addition to this, it is the most busy time it could possibly be in my office. I am averaging seeing about 25 students a day right now. Between being sick and going to the bathroom every 25 minutes (they tell you this gets better after the 1st trimester...lies) I am about to lose my mind.

Add to this:
--Backyard Drainage Issues
--Checking out daycares
--Feeling like I am a failue at ever making our house complete (i.e. decorating, painting, light fixtures, basically everything you need to make your house cute).
--Due to sickness, feeling like Levi isn't getting any of the good Emily
--Financial Decisions for the future.

I am probably being a little dramatic, but not much. So please pray for the Lord to send major energy and good sprits my way. I definitely need them. I know that everything will work out and I am relying on the Lord to keep me grounded. I just really needed to type things out.

The next post will be better :)