Wednesday, September 8, 2010

525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year in a life? It came so much quicker than I could have ever imagined. Our baby girl, who it seems we just held for the very first time, turned 1 year old. Time is so funny to me. When you are in the midst of sleepless nights, tiny clothes, a baby who snuggles with you, it seems those times will last forever. But time is tricky like that, it passes ever so slowly throughout a week and then before you know it a year has passed! My mom reminds me, "just wait till you see her holding her baby, then you can really talk about how time has gone by":)

All I have ever wanted, was to be a mother. I love that I have the opportunity, along with her Daddy, to really mold and shape the woman she will one day become. To say that raising a child is a huge responsibility does not nearly describe the monumental duty we have as parents to instill confidence, compassion, independence, and an unwaivering faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, into our children. I know that being a great mom can only come from being completely open to God's will for Avery's life.

The past year has been incredible. Avery is so much more than our hearts or minds could have conceived she would be. She is beautiful and unbelievably smart. She has her momma's independent streak and lack of patience, and her Daddy's kind heart. We have loved watching her grow, learn, and change. Ours hearts are full of unconditional love for this little one who God so graciously gave us. There have been times of frustration and exhaustion, but oh how they were outweighed by the times of joy, fun, and excitement of this year.

Happy Birthday sweet Avery! We can hardly wait for the adventures that lie ahead in your life. Always know that you are loved by so many people, but especially your Mom, Dad, and heavenly Father. We are so thankful that He picked us to be you parents!